Real Estate Attorney

What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do for a Seller?

Whenever a real estate transaction is closed, the role of a real estate attorney can be significant. It saves the seller from legal problems and other liabilities. Although in Virginia, real estate attorneys are not necessarily part of the sale process, however their involvement is always advised. Because unforeseen legal complications may rise, at the … Continued
Real Estate Agents Make On A Home Sale

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make On A Home Sale?

Wondering about, “how much do real estate agents earn?” I believe either you are a contractor or a homeowner. Next you are likely to involve a real estate agent in the sale process of your house. The real estate agent payment is based on commission form. This is basically service fees for their role in … Continued
Home Inspection

Is a Home Inspection Necessary for New Construction?

People who buy a newly constructed house believe that the property is free of any potential defects. It is true in comparison to buying an old house or already used property. Sadly, within a couple of months of moving into the house you notice serious issues. These can be in the form of water seeping … Continued
Building a New House

8 Most Important Construction Tips for Building a New House

To own and construct your new house is an American dream. It is an exciting yet challenging journey both in the financial aspect and planning stage. I believe that buying a house is half the work as compared to if you are planning to construct or building a new house. Building requires careful planning, preparation, … Continued
Million Dollor House

How Do People Afford Million Dollar Houses?

Whenever people walk by expensive, Million Dollar houses, they do question themselves: how do the owners have all this money to buy luxury houses? The deal gets real when we enter our 20’s or 30’s, because now the  wishing ends and planning begins. It’s cool when Mom and Pap have the money and you can … Continued
Selling A House With Multiple Owners

Selling A House With Multiple Owners: Expert Guide

For those familiar with the complexities and intricacies of selling a house with Multiple Owners, know that it is not an easy or overnight process. Whether you are a co-owner or real estate agent selling a co-owned house involves many legal challenges.  However, the deal gets further complicated when you are planning to sell or … Continued
Mortgage Assumption During Divorce

Mortgage Assumption During Divorce: A Financial Guide

For the American society of  2024, although getting divorced is not a taboo anymore, but it’s not a virtue if you overlook divorce’s repercussions, in financial matters as serious as Mortgage Assumption during divorce. This is so because during divorce consideration, the ramifications are not only the end of your marital contract; but the emotional … Continued
House Sold Near Me

4 Ways to Find Houses Sold Near Me

Finding houses sold near me can be a very tiring process. Not knowing where and how to find such houses can also confuse you. Finding houses sold is also a very time-consuming process if not done right. We do not want your precious time to go to waste, and that is why we are here … Continued
Rent To own Mobile Home

Rent to Own Mobile Homes: A Buyer Guide

Young Americans nowadays are considering the option of Rent to Own Mobile Homes for various reasons. Some are in search of a low-cost housing option that they can renovate and customize to their requirements. Others may see potential in the property for investment purposes, such as using it as a side source for a profit … Continued
Deed of Trust

Can You Sell a House with a Deed of Trust?

Finding the right way to navigate the world of real estate can be very tough and exhausting. Not knowing where and how to find your way in this can leave one confused. Whether you are looking to get the right information on selling your house with a deed of trust or here to get help, … Continued
Liable After Selling A House

How Long Are You Liable After Selling A House?

When we look at selling the house in trust, many sellers may wonder about the many responsibilities they might have to face after they are done selling their house. Not having the right information about what might be the responsibilities and how to deal with them can leave them confused and exhausted. Whether you are … Continued
Cheap Homes For Sale

5 Ways to Find Affordable and Cheap homes for sale in 2024

Finding a Cheap and Affordable Homes can be a very hard and tiring process. Not knowing where and how to find one can leave you confused. Whether you are looking for ways to find affordable and cheap homes for sale or want to get information regarding this, we have you covered.  Finding affordable and cheap … Continued
Selling a house in virginia beach

7 Tips for selling a house fast in Virginia Beach 

Selling a house in Virginia Beach as soon as possible is the real deal for many homeowners. The longer the house is up for sale, the more likely you will receive a lower offer. Real estate markets are dynamic; there are times when there are so many interested parties that sellers may post a home … Continued
Stuff Behind When I Sell My House

Can you leave stuff behind when you sell your house?

Whether you’re relocating or selling an old property, packing and transporting all of your stuff can be a difficult task especially when you discover you can’t or don’t want to bring the majority of the stuff with you, and you might wonder, “What am I supposed to do with all of this stuff?” This blog … Continued