Is a Home Inspection Necessary for New Construction?

Home Inspection

People who buy a newly constructed house believe that the property is free of any potential defects. It is true in comparison to buying an old house or already used property. Sadly, within a couple of months of moving into the house you notice serious issues. These can be in the form of water seeping into walls, or slight creeks in walls.

Or you will notice defects in the washroom water supply. Or it could be issues with drainage in the kitchen sink. This happens because some builders cut corners to save money. The story will go like this: buyers go for newly constructed houses so it saves them money on repairs and maintenance in the long run. But end up paying massive repair bills, due to construction flaws.  

Keeping your excitement long for the new house, do go for home inspection. Get rid of the notion: what could go wrong with a newly constructed house? ‘Nothing and a lot” is the answer. Despite the excellent infrastructure, there are always issues abrupting once you get shifted there. This is likely to occur even with top-notch materials usage and modernised buildings. To avoid maximum problems go for home inspection of your newly constructed house. 

It informs you about the condition of the house infrastructure. And also about the unseen but potential issues invisible to a layman eye.

In this blog, we’ll list the reasons for which you need a home inspection for your newly constructed house, its cost and advantages. Before finalizing the purchase, a qualified home inspector can give you an unbiased inspection report about potential defects.

Why Do You Inspect a Newly constructed Construction?

That’s a good question to ask, because you gotta spend extra dollars to the home inspector. Well, we don’t claim the list is exhaustive but defects that can be spotted before you finalise the purchase. The inspection checklist is not limited to certain defects.

But it may include the following points on average:

  • Is the house approved by municipal inspection?
  • Are the foundations damage proof, from leakages and storm flooding?
  • Is the levelling of floors, attic, terraces laws properly laid?
  • Is roofing strong enough to go without repairs in the long run?
  • Is the plumbing, pipework and water supply properly installed?
  • Are the walls, flooring and roofs properly insulated?
  • Is the trim secure?
  • Does the electrical and HVAC system work properly?
  • Are railings properly baby proofed?
  • What is the house exit plan in case of fire or any other potential emergency? 

What does a professional house inspector do? 

The compliance experts check for the final “fit and finish” of the home. Then make a report regarding  any deficiencies that need to be looked for.  Nowadays, the inspection process includes a detailed picture. It is  backed by a “Punch-List”. So the builders or potential buyers can see proof of the inspection.

The purpose is to check the functionality, quality, and finishing. It goes  from foundations to plumbing installation, to walls, flooring and roofing.  At HR Property Doctor our custom inspection team works to provide you a house inspection so  your quality standards are met.

The checklist can be customized to your requirements. Overall, our home inspectors will cover in details the following: 

  • You house foundations, basements, walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs.
  • The electrical systems and systems, heating and cooling systems, windows, doors, and appliances.  
  • House Exterior, interior and roofing check – for safety and proper operations. 
  • Insulation and Ventilation.

Who is a Qualified Home Inspector?

Qualified Home Inspector

The home inspectors that are in business normally work without any regulatory authorization. So choosing a professional home inspector is extremely important. Their qualification can be assessed based on the following parameters:

  • Qualification: Your house inspector should have certification from a reputable organization. The regulatory institutes make them undergo proper training. They follow building codes of ethics. 
  • Experience: People working with seasoned contractors and have a number of years in their work experience. They have insights and industry knowledge to help you through the process. 
  • References: Always ask for their previous clients’ references. This counts for a professional inspection expert. 
  • Sample Reports: A professional inspector will provide you with sample reports from their work. You may know what services you will receive through their intervention. You can customize your requirements as per your needs. 
  • Insurance: Your inspection professional is expected to hold professional liability insurances. This saves you from major gaps left during inspection. 

Newly Constructed Home Inspection Cost

The actual cost will vary depending upon your house size, state and area. But, it’s worth it to spend a small amount on inspection. Otherwise, you will have to spend a hefty amount on repair.

For a  single-family home, a home inspection can cost you from $500 and above. This can always go up. Most of the time, multiple inspections can be proposed. This cost added up is still less than the repair cost later. 

Benefits of Inspection of a Newly Constructed house

Benefits of Home Inspection

Imagine you opted out for inspection of your newly constructed house, because why need it? A month into shifting and you are facing issues with water drainage, plumbing or others. No other option but to call for repair services, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Hence, the wise investor will go for house inspection. It is much better to spend a few grand in a timely manner to save tens of thousands later.

A few major benefit are listed below: 

A big save on repair time and cost

A small spending on inspection will save a thousand grand spent on structural repairs. Some structural repairs like foundational correction and plumbing services are arduous tasks to repair. Particularly, post the house completion and your shifting.

So if there are installation defects in framing components, these will be nightmares post your shifting time. Like sinking subfloors take a lot of time to get fixed. I mean even one day is a lot of time. A pre-inspection will save you on these and other potential defects. 

Your house is safer after the inspection approval 

The roofing is inspected for leakages. The floors and walls should be properly insulated. The electric, plumbing and water systems should be approved for long term functioning. Next come the safety and emergency exits, and childproofing guaranteed.

Once you are aware of the potential defects; it’s time you move ahead with your payment. It’s not just a safer investment but a safe abode for you and family to shift in. 

Safe and guaranteed investment 

We know it is practically difficult to find a house with no construction defects at all. But, a good inspection will give you bargaining power over the final price. Contractors either provide you the necessary repair and maintenance or negotiate a more suitable final price .

In all aspects, a timely house inspection of a newly constructed house helps the buyer avoid liabilities of repair and maintenance. 


Buying a newly constructed house normally does not require as much repair as an old house. But there is no guarantee that stops you from a home inspection. An experienced contractor, or real estate agent will always ask you to go for home inspection of a newly constructed house. This saves you from time and cost wasted in repairs. For further details you are always welcome to contact HR PROPERTY DOCTOR

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