6 Smart Tips to Help You Sell a Damaged Home in Virginia Beach, Virginia

For those in Virginia Beach with homes showing signs of wear and tear, it might seem a daunting task to find a buyer. However, drawing from over a decade of real estate experience, I’ve witnessed many homeowners, much like yourself, successfully navigate this challenge.

Indeed, every home has potential, including yours.

In our guide “6 Practical and Smart Tips to Help You Sell a Damaged Home in Virginia Beach,” we aim to offer clarity and support. If you’re feeling cornered or unsure of the next step, rest assured. Our insights will provide you with tangible strategies to not only sell but also maximize the value of your distinctive property.

The Trends of the Property Market in Virginia Beach

An image of real estate property in Virginia Beach

It’s clear that Virginia Beach’s real estate market is thriving. In July 2023 alone, home prices rose an exceptional 10.3% compared to the previous year, reaching a median selling price of $375,000. 

What’s more, homes are selling at the same brisk pace as last year, with an average listing period of just 18 days. 

The takeaway? There’s a healthy pool of buyers in the market.

Next, You may be wondering whether a bustling market has space for a property that isn’t exactly flawless. 

The truth is, while selling a home in less-than-perfect condition presents its challenges, it’s by no means an insurmountable task. The key lies in effective strategy, and that’s precisely what we’ll explore in the sections to come.

6 Practical Tips For Preparing A Damaged Home For Sale In Virginia Beach

Before we delve into the core of the matter, it’s essential to know why you should consider the advice in this guide. With over a decade of real estate experience, I’ve had the privilege of assisting numerous homeowners in successfully selling their damaged properties for cash. Time and time again, the key to a seamless transaction has been the right preparation and strategy.

As a Professional Cash Home Buyer, I’ve firsthand experienced the transformation that can happen when sellers take the right steps. I recall working with a client who thought selling their fire-damaged house was a lost cause. 

A damaged roof of a damaged house was sold on cash.

However, after implementing some of the very tips we’re about to discuss, not only did the home sell, but it also fetched a fair market value. It was an eye-opening experience for the homeowner and further, proof that a well-planned approach can turn around even the most challenging situations.

So, let’s find. What are these practical tips that can prepare any damaged caused house for a sale that meets your expectations, be it a fire damaged or a water damaged house.

Tip 1: Be Honest and Transparent

Let’s kick things off with a principle that may seem obvious but is often overlooked: honesty. It’s not just a virtue; it’s a necessity when selling a damaged home. 


For starters, homebuying is one of the most significant investments a person will make in their lifetime. It’s not a decision anyone takes lightly.

An image of a damage roof of a house for sale on cash

Now, imagine a potential buyer who discovers undisclosed damages during a late-stage inspection. This can be a deal-breaker, for sure. Full disclosure isn’t just ethical—it’s smart business. 

I’ve seen instances where honesty has paved the way for a smooth transaction and even a better-than-expected sale price. When buyers know they can trust you, they’re often willing to negotiate rather than walk away.

Being forthright about your home’s condition shows that you respect the buyer’s investment, and trust me, that respect often pays off in spades. In this market, where every buyer is vigilant and every dollar counts, integrity is your best selling point.

Tip 2: Price It Right

This is where many sellers falter, especially when the home in question has some wear and tear. Overpricing a damaged home is one of the quickest ways to dissuade potential buyers. Remember, a high asking price on a less-than-perfect property not only raises eyebrows but could also push buyers to seek better-maintained alternatives.

So, how do you set the right price for a damaged home? 

It’s all about striking a balance. Specialized valuation techniques for damaged properties can help. Whether it’s calculating the cost of repairs or comparing similar homes with issues that have sold recently, you need a pricing strategy that’s grounded in reality.

An outside view of a house for sale.

Here’s a pro tip: Always leave a little room for negotiation.

The price you list should be competitive enough to attract attention but also flexible enough for some back-and-forth. I’ve found that a well-priced home can actually ignite a bidding war among buyers who see the potential for a great deal. In the end, it’s a win-win: the buyer feels they’ve snagged a bargain, and you walk away with a satisfying sale.

Tip 3: Invest in Minor Repairs

Let’s move on to something that can add tangible value to your property: minor repairs. You might wonder, “Why invest in a home I’m planning to sell?” The answer lies in the return on investment (ROI). 

The best way to prepare your damaged house for sale is by simple fixes like patching up holes, painting walls, or fixing leaky faucets can dramatically elevate your home’s marketability. For instance, a fresh coat of neutral paint can cost around $200-$300 but could increase your home’s value by up to $2,000. That’s an ROI you simply can’t ignore.

A damage ceiling of a damaged house

But what if making repairs just isn’t feasible for you? 

Whether it’s a lack of time or resources, it’s understandable. In such cases, offering a discounted price can be an effective strategy. Keep in mind that buyers are often willing to handle repairs themselves if they feel they’re getting a good deal. By cutting the price, you’re essentially sharing the cost of those repairs, making your home a more appealing option for a broader range of buyers.

In my experience, sellers who invest even a modest amount in minor repairs often fare better in the final transaction. Whether it’s a matter of a few hundred dollars or simply the willingness to negotiate on price, small gestures can make a big difference.

Tip 4: Focus on Curb Appeal

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” In the world of real estate, truer words have never been spoken. Your home’s exterior is the first thing potential buyers see, and it can set the tone for the entire viewing. 

Even if your home has interior damages, a neat and tidy exterior can evoke a sense of potential and opportunity.

Let me share a Virginia Beach anecdote to drive this point home. A client of mine had a home that had seen better days, both inside and out. We decided to invest minimally in some landscaping and a fresh coat of exterior paint. Within days, we noticed an uptick in viewing requests. The final buyer admitted that it was the inviting exterior that prompted them to explore further, overlooking some of the home’s interior flaws.

A house with a mowed loan increasing the curb appeal of an house

So what can you do?

Simple acts like mowing the lawn, trimming bushes, or adding some flower pots can work wonders. Consider power-washing the siding or sprucing up the front door. These are all low-cost fixes that can make your home stand out in a crowded market. And don’t forget, today’s buyers are savvy; they’ll recognize the effort you’ve put into presenting your home and may be more forgiving of its imperfections as a result.

Tip 5: Consider Selling to Cash Buyers

Ah, the allure of a cash sale. It’s the stuff of real estate dreams, right? And for good reason. 

Cash buyers bring to the table a speed and efficiency that traditional financing often can’t match. No long waiting periods, no precarious loan approvals, and often, no need for any costly-staging or open houses. The process becomes as close to “turnkey” as you can get in the property-selling world.

An exterior image of a damaged house.

But there’s another big plus—one that many don’t consider. 

Selling your damaged home for cash often allows you to sidestep many legal hurdles that can complicate traditional sales. If unforeseen issues arise post-sale, the likelihood of legal repercussions decreases substantially when dealing with professional cash buyers. 


These experts usually take care of all necessary documents and even cover closing costs, minimizing risks for the house seller.

Tip 6: Leverage Local Virginia Beach Amenities to Your Advantage

Why do people love Virginia Beach? Is it the miles of scenic shoreline, the vibrant arts and culture scene, or perhaps the strong sense of community? Whatever the reason, you can leverage these local attributes to make your damaged home more appealing to buyers. 

The logic is simple: people aren’t just buying a house; they’re buying into a lifestyle, a community, and in many cases, a dream.

A house with a beautiful lawn and well maintained

Let’s say your property is near the popular Virginia Beach Boardwalk. Even if your home has seen better days, its prime location could be a strong selling point. Or perhaps you’re closer to the First Landing State Park. Families and nature enthusiasts would love the chance to be near such a beautiful recreational area, flaws in the home notwithstanding.

As someone who’s been in Virginia Beach real estate for over a decade, I can’t stress enough the power of location.

I once represented a seller whose home needed some serious TLC. We decided to emphasize its proximity to great schools, shopping centers, and beautiful beaches. 

Would you believe that we had multiple offers within the first week? It turns out that people were willing to invest in repairs for a home that offered them the lifestyle they had been searching for.

By aligning your property with the local features that make Virginia Beach such a sought-after destination, you add another layer to its attractiveness.


Navigating the real estate market with a damaged home in Virginia Beach can seem like an overwhelming endeavor. But as we’ve shown, there are myriad strategies, both conventional and creative, to make the process smoother and more profitable.

But why tread this path alone?

At HR Property Doctor, LLC, we’re not just real estate agents. We’re investors, property consultants, and most importantly, problem solvers. We’re versed in unconventional solutions, always tailored to suit each seller’s individual needs and circumstances. Whether it’s a cash purchase, assistance with sales, or insightful property consultations, we’ve got you covered.

While many tread the well-trodden path, we pride ourselves on our unique approach. With us, you don’t just get an agent; you get a partner who operates with flexibility, security, and deep-seated empathy. After all, every home has its story, and every seller deserves an attentive listener and a helping hand.

Ready to explore the road less traveled in real estate? Reach out to HR Property Doctor, LLC. Because with us, you truly get it all.

About Author:

Paul is a reputable local house-buying professional, also a real estate agent (Virginia). Count on his nearly fifteen (15) years of expertise in being part of resolving any issues that may threaten transactions, being accessible, and answering questions, as well as remaining transparent throughout closing transactions. One of Paul's Favorite Quotes: "To Give Anything Less Than Your Best Is To Sacrifice the Gift."

Paul Johnson

Paul is a reputable local house-buying professional, also a real estate agent (Virginia). Count on his nearly fifteen (15) years of expertise in being part of resolving any issues that may threaten transactions, being accessible, and answering questions, as well as remaining transparent throughout closing transactions. One of Paul's Favorite Quotes: "To Give Anything Less Than Your Best Is To Sacrifice the Gift."

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