What Does The Court Ordered Sale Of House In Divorce?

Court Ordered Sale Of House In Divorce

Many people fear they’ll be forced to give up their beloved home during a divorce. The home is where the heart is, after all. It’s also the most valuable asset most people own. If a judge can court ordered sale of house in divorce, you may not just lose your beloved home but also wind up temporarily homeless.

A court ordered sale of a house in divorce can be a complicated process. When one spouse decides to sell their share of the home, several factors must be considered, including roof replacement and any personal loans owed.

The court ordered the sale of a house

Can’t agree with your spouse on selling the house? The court might intervene. This is called a force sale or partition sale. It usually happens when divorcing couples have a property dispute or can’t agree on how to sell. The court will also decide how to divide the proceeds in these instances. This can be a significant hassle and prolong the divorce process.

That’s why being aware of the possibility of a court ordered sale is vital before selling in a divorce. It can incentivise both parties to negotiate and reach an agreement. This usually leads to a faster, more cost-effective, less contentious resolution. 

Can a court order for the sale of a house be ignored?

No. The terms of a divorce decree, including decisions about the family home, are final. If the court has ordered the house sale, the parties cannot later agree to have one person buy it from the other.

There is one option. In a divorce, both parties have 30 days to appeal a family court decision in Texas. This includes real estate and decisions regarding other community property and custody of the children.

Can I buy my house from my spouse?

Several factors must be considered if you want to buy your marital home from your spouse after a divorce. This includes the current market value of the property and any outstanding loans or other financial obligations associated with the property.

Additionally, it is essential to carefully review any legal agreements or court ordered sale of property to ensure that you respect both your and your spouse’s rights and interests. Ultimately, whether or not you can buy your house from your spouse will depend on many factors specific to your situation, including the terms of your divorce agreement and any restrictions set by the court.

Therefore, it is recommended that you consult with an experienced family law attorney for advice on your particular situation.

Is it better to sell a house before or after a divorce?

It’s better to sell a house after a divorce agreement is in place but before the divorce is final. This approach has a greater chance of giving you and your spouse an emotional and financial advantage. Of course, every selling situation is different –– so you should consider your circumstances.

Keeping Your Home During Your Divorce

If you genuinely want to keep your house, here are a few things you can a judge order you to sell your house?

Attempt mediation 

The most straightforward path is to try to talk things out with your spouse. This can work if you and your spouse are still on friendly terms. The mediator will help you and your lawyers find a solution that makes everyone happy. In this case, no judges get involved at all.

Negotiate trades with other assets

You can trade other assets for your home in mediation or court. For instance, you may offer a retirement account in exchange for the property. If your spouse prefers the other assets, you may get to keep your house worry-free.

Offer to buy out your spouse

If your spouse does fight for the house, you can offer to buy them out. In this case, you take on the entire mortgage and give your spouse liquid or other assets equal to their share of the equity in the property.

Get Legal Help to Keep Your House

If you want to make sure you keep your home after your split, you need to work with an experienced divorce attorney. Reach out to a legal attorney. They’re prepared to help you fight for your property and give you the best chance of retaining it.

An experienced family law attorney will be very familiar with these situations and can help you anticipate some of the issues that may arise.


It’s worth noting that a court-ordered sale can be stressful and emotional for everyone involved in the divorce process, including the children. If you’re divorced, consider consulting a legal professional and reaching a mutual agreement on dividing the property before resorting to a court-ordered sale.

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