How to Sell Rental Property Virginia

Are you looking to sell your Virginia rental property? You should read this post if that’s the case. We’ll go over the best approaches to selling your rental home and maximising your earnings in it. So read on for advice on selling your Virginia rental property, whether you’re just starting out or considering retirement.

Soaring Virginia Home Sales Prices

It’s likely that if you’ve held your rental property for a few years, you’ve noticed Virginia’s residential real estate market values skyrocketing. Given that this trend is expected to last through 2020 and beyond, this is the ideal time to sell.

Virginia Housing Demand Vastly Exceeds Supply

Virginia’s housing market is currently seeing high demand and low supply in addition to rising costs. This implies that renting out your property could be a rapid and lucrative business.

Changing Local Market Conditions in Virginia

Local conditions in Virginia are subject to change, just as in any other market. It might be prudent to think about selling your rental property before the market deteriorates if you observe a shift towards lower pricing or less demand.

The Rental Property Needs Repairs and Upgrades

The upkeep and modernization of rental property are obligations that come with property ownership. It can be more economical to sell your rental property rather than make the necessary changes if it requires significant repairs or updates.

Rental Property is Inherited Property

Feelings about inheriting rental property can be conflicted. Selling can be the wisest course of action if you don’t intend to use the property yourself or if it isn’t making you money.

You Want to Retire from Being a landlord

It can be physically and mentally taxing to be a landlord. Consider selling in Virginia if you’re prepared to give up your landlording duties or sell off a portion of your rental property holdings.

How to Have a Smooth Rental Property Sale in Virginia

Choose the kind of buyer you wish to draw in before listing your rental property. Do you want someone who will use the property as a holiday home or as a long-term investor? Knowing exactly who your ideal buyer is will help you market and sell your property more successfully.

Know the Type of Buyer You Want to Attract

Prior to listing your rental property, decide what kind of buyer you wish to draw in. Do you want to rent out the property as a vacation home or are you searching for a long-term investor? Marketing and selling your house successfully will be aided by having a clear understanding of who your target buyer is.

Arrange a Pre-listing Home Inspection

Make sure your rental property has a pre-listing home inspection completed. This will notify you of any possible problems that need be fixed before putting the house up for sale.

Decide If It Is Worthwhile To Do Repairs or Sell As-Is

You’ll be better able to determine what repairs might need to be done before selling after the pre-listing inspection. You have to choose whether selling the home as-is makes more sense financially or if those repairs are beneficial.

Do a Lien Search

Make sure there are no unpaid debts or judgements against the property by performing a lien check before listing it for sale. Potential customers should be informed of this information as well during the sales process.

Inform Your Tenant about Your Intention of Selling the Property

It’s crucial to let the tenant know if you intend to sell your rental property if it’s rented out right now. Tenants may be more likely to maintain the property effectively for showings if they have more time to prepare for a possible move.

Study the Tax Implications of Selling a Rental Property in Virginia

It’s crucial to comprehend the tax ramifications before completing the transaction. To find out how much of your profits will be taxed and what steps you may take to reduce those costs, speak with an accountant or financial counsellor.

Depreciation Recapture Tax

Owners of rental properties may additionally be required to pay a depreciation recapture tax on the proceeds of the sale in addition to regular income taxes. This is a one-time tax on any prior property-related depreciation deductions.

Capital Gains Taxes

Any proceeds from the sale will be liable to capital gains taxes if the property’s value has increased since you bought it.

Illustrative Example Of Tax Consequences When Selling A Rental Property

Here’s an example to help you understand the tax ramifications of selling a rental property. Five years ago for $500,000, Jane bought a rental home in Virginia. She chooses to sell the house for $750,000 after giving it some updates and renting it out. If Jane made a $250,000 profit on the transaction, she would be required to pay capital gains taxes. On any prior depreciation deductions she may have claimed for the property, she might also be required to pay depreciation recapture tax.

Considerations when Selling a Rental Property to Avoid a Tax Hit

To avoid paying taxes on the sale of a rental property, there are a few things to bear in mind. A 1031 exchange, sometimes referred to as a like-kind exchange, is one choice. By putting the proceeds of the sale into another comparable property, you can postpone paying taxes on the profits from the sale. An alternative is to sell the property and buy a new one at the same time; this is referred to as a simultaneous swap. As long as the sale price of the new property is equal to or higher than the sale price of the old property, this can also postpone paying taxes.

Take Advantage of the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange on an Investment Property

Although selling a rental property can be a significant decision, it can also be a financially advantageous one with the correct preparation and knowledge. Our staff can assist in guiding you through the procedure and making sure that you sell your property quickly and easily for the best price.

Consider Living in Your Rental Property Prior to Selling to Avoid Capital Gains Tax

Consider living in the property for at least two years before listing it on the market if you have been renting it out and are thinking about selling. This may qualify you for the capital gains exemption for primary residence, which spares you from paying taxes on earnings of up to $250,000 (or $500,000 if you file jointly as a married couple). While it may not be an option for everyone, it is something to consider while making your choice.
Before selling your Virginia rental property, don’t forget to speak with a financial counsellor or accountant to fully understand the tax ramifications.

Evaluate the Property for Possible Tax-Deductible Repairs or Renovations

Before putting your property on the market, consider any repairs or renovations that may increase its value and potentially be tax-deductible. These could include fixing up worn floors or updating outdated kitchen appliances.

Use Tax Harvesting to Offset the Capital Gains Tax

If you do have to pay capital gains taxes on the proceeds from the sale of your rental property, you may be able to reduce those taxes by employing tax harvesting techniques. This entails offsetting the gains from selling the property by selling investments that have depreciated in value.

Selling Rental Property with a Tenant Virginia

There are laws and factors to take into account when selling your house if you currently have a tenant. Before putting the property on the market, it is crucial to notify the tenant of the sale and provide them the opportunity to buy it outright. In the event that the renter declines to buy or is unable to do so, you will also need to take the necessary eviction steps.

Wait for Your Tenant’s Lease Expiration or Offer a Buyout

It could be wiser to hold off on listing the property for sale until the tenant’s lease expires if they are currently under contract. You might also propose a buyout to them if they are not under lease or if you wish to move the sale along quickly. This entails providing them with money in return for their consent to leave the property before their lease expires.

Sell Virginia Property to Your Existing Tenant

Should your tenant indicate a desire to acquire the home, they can be eligible for owner-occupant financing, which can be a simpler and quicker procedure than selling to a third party.

Sell Your Rental Property with an Active Lease

If you have a tenant with an active lease, you can still sell the property to an outside buyer but it will require their cooperation.

Before selling to a third party, you must notify them of the sale and give them the chance to buy. You will also need to make sure that the new owner upholds the terms of the current lease in the event that they decide not to buy or are unable to do so.

Steps in Selling a Rental Property in Virginia

Selling a rental property in Virginia is similar to selling a conventional house once any tax-related issues have been resolved and the property is either vacant or you and your tenant have reached an agreement. In Virginia, there are three main ways to sell a rental property; the process will vary depending on the state of the property.

Real Estate Agents

Selling your rental property in Virginia can typically be done most quickly and easily by hiring a real estate agent. All of the advertising, showings, and negotiations with possible purchasers will be taken care of by them.

FSBO (For Sale by Owner)

You may be able to avoid paying the commission fees that agents usually charge by selling your rental property on your own (FSBO) if you have prior real estate experience and market information. But keep in mind that you will need to invest a lot of time and energy in this process.

Real Estate Investors

You can also think about selling to a real estate investor if your rental property requires maintenance or has any other issues that could make it more difficult to sell through conventional channels. These investors can close swiftly without delaying repairs or upgrades because they frequently buy houses as-is.

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